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Hello Flame Survival Community!
Over the past months, Flame Survival has grown rapidly, which brought in more donations.  We are taking some of this money to add quality to the server.  By doing this we've decided to move websites.  You'll need to re-register.

New site: http://flamehub.net
As we migrate to the new website, this website will be used less and less.  Please register at the link below.

owlcool That is not a link. Just saying.
Today marks a day, where Enjin isn't fitting our needs.  We will be switching over to XenForo.  This means you'll need to sign up AGAIN.  The website isn't even close to being done, so please keep all forum conversations here until we are ready to switch.  You may register at http://flamehub.net/index.php if you'd like to register now.

EDIT: Forum is now complete :)

EDIT 2: Website is now ready for BETA testing!  Please sign up ASAP.  You may also begin posting on the forum. :)
Hello FS Community,
In order to celebrate a very special holiday, everything in our donation store will be 30% off until December 25th.

Thank you FS community for helping us achieve being online for nearly 2.5 years now.  Let's keep this up!
Flame Creative

Flame Creative features many amazing features such as:

64x64 Plots - Enough room for event the most astonishing creations!
Marriages - Fall in love!
24/7 Uptime - Play whenever you want!
Full 1.8 support - Use any of the 1.8 features/blocks you want! (1.8 client usage advised)

All and above is featured at Flame Creative. Our highly-experienced System Administrators, Developers, and Staff will stand behind your back 24/7. We only use the best hardware available, so no lag for you! DDoS/DoS attacks are also very common and we understand that you we need protection in order to keep our 99.99% uptime guarantee, hence our network is on the best protection provider available! (99.99% is due to Auto Restarts in order to reduce lag. Flame Creative usually comes back up within 30 seconds tops.)
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